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The mobile phone.

It's one of the most amazing advances in all of human history.

But most of the time, it keeps us distracted and affects our mental health.

Our returning guest, Dr. Greg Wells co-wrote a book, The Focus Effect, with Bruce Bowser that perfected the art of unplugging from technology and plugging into reality.

It discusses strategies ranging from practicing healthy mindfulness and meditation, reserving tech-free time, and performing power work to a revolutionary plan for a hyperproductive workday.

You'll learn everything that's needed to activate sustainable, balanced, and successful routines in all areas of life.

During this interview, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of taking control
  • How to set up your day for success
  • How to establish a world class routine

To learn more about Greg, visit here.

To buy the book, The Focus Effect, check this out.