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What were you doing in 2003?

That year our guest, Phil Randazzo started American Dream U, a non-profit organization that helps military soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors and coast guardsmen transition from military to civilian life.

His organization provides a number of services and resources such as events and online training that are designed to help veterans find ways to pursue their dreams, start businesses, and get jobs once they leave the military.

He has started over 120 events with 17,000 men and women attendees and raised over 3 million dollars from different charities to support veterans.

Phil finds meaning in giving back to those who go in harms way to protect their country.

During this conversation, you’ll also discover…

  • The importance of making time for yourself

  • How to find something that you are fulfilled to do

  • The benefits of sharing your thoughts to the community

To learn more about Phil, visit here.

To investigate American Dream U further, click here.

For Phil’s LinkedIn page, go to this link.