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Start designing your life and that will lead you to your purpose.

John Grimsmo, who is the owner of Grimsmo Knives, spent a few years working on different professions, but that didn’t stop him from discovering what he truly loves which led him to his passion for making and building things.

As a self-taught machinist and perfectionist, his knives were his works of art.

And they’ve been appreciated because Grimsmo Knives have a long waiting list of customers and are gaining popularity across North America every day.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of pushing yourself to the next level

  • Why it’s crucial to never stop learning

  • Why you should accept mistakes in order to grow

To learn more about Grimsmo Knives, visit here.

For its Facebook page, click this link.

For its YouTube channel, go here.

To listen to John’s podcast, The Business of Machining, check this out.