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John Lee Dumas.

He is a giant in the podcasting industry due to his highly successful, Entrepreneur On Fire daily podcast that consistently has over 1.5 million listens every month.

He's the perfect example of creating a profitable niche by finding a void in the marketplace and filling it.

During his 9-to-5 working days, he loved listening to podcasts, especially ones featuring inspiring stories of entrepreneurs, but wasn't happy there weren't any daily podcasts.

So, he created the solution with his E on Fire show.

During this episode, you'll learn John's special recipe to discovering niche and making it profitable including..

  • The importance  of taking the time to evaluate what excites you and what your ideal life is BEFORE taking your first step
  • Why it's vital to create and deliver free, valuable and consistent content to your audience
  • Why you MUST ask your audience what their challenges are and actually listen to them so you can create solutions for them

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