How many fans do you have?

Do they consistently read and comment on your content, buy your products and follow you religiously when you post something new?

If you can secure at least 1000 of the above type of fans, your life will be pretty good financially.

To explain the theory further, read the classic essay from Wired Magazine's Executive Founding Editor, Kevin Kelly at the bottom of the show notes.

Our guest today, New York Times best-selling author, Chris Guillebeau, has implemented some of Kelly's principles in developing his own highly engaged fan community.

Chris' books, such as The Art of Non-ConformityThe $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit & Born For This, have helped many across the globe which contributed to his popularity and continue to grow his number of raving admirers.

During this episode, you'll learn...

  • Why creating free, useful and consistent content is a great way to build a fan base organically
  • The importance of having a stretch goal that others admire and want to support can lead to more followers
  • Why you should listen to your audience to build products and services that make their lives better

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