Donald Trump.

There's no doubt he's a polarizing figure.

You either love or hate him, but what people couldn't deny was his incredible knack for making big money business deals on the way to creating a personal net worth in the billions.

Today, he has a more important job in leading the free world.

However, our guest today has known Trump years before he won the 2016 Presidential Election.

George H. Ross has been a longtime advisor of The Donald ever since Trump made his first real estate transaction at 27 years old.

Ross is a former New York real estate lawyer who also appeared on Trump's highly success television show, The Apprentice and now is busy sharing his wisdom with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

In this fascinating interview along with George's friend, Victor Menasce, you'll learn...

  • What Donald Trump's best business trait is (it's not what you think!)
  • The importance of being a great listener and analyzing the deeper meaning of your prospect's words
  • Why the most important person in your organization is the one who gets on the phone first

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