Are you making the difference you were born to make?

The CEO & President of the Humane Society of the United States certainly is.

Wayne Pacelle, who took office in June 2004, has always been passionate about protecting animals from cruelty.

In his new book, The Humane Economy, it is a wake up call to business leaders and to the static thinking of animal-use industries and their apologists to change their ways.

Wayne is using his thought leadership to create a powerful movement that will not only save animals but help the Earth and humankind as well.

In this fascinating interview you'll learn...

-Why studying your subject inside and out is important in your big idea creation process
-Why developing a plan to advance your idea (ie:  writing a book or launching a podcast, etc) is crucial in having your message reach your intended audience
-Why you must have a balance of impatience and patience to make sure your movement eventually catches fire

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