TBOTL - 33 - Beth Buelow (4).png

Who do you serve?

If you're not really sure, that's a problem.

As you probably know, catering to everyone does not work.

Our guest today, Beth Buelow, author of The Introvert Entrepreneur, understands that.

She's been able to create a profitable thought leadership by targeting a specific group of people and solving their issues through her various resources.

During this fun and uplifting interview, you'll learn...

  • Why reflection is an absolute must to figuring out what specific tribe you should serve
  • How to find a dedicated group of customers who love what you do and will promote you to their networks
  • Why it's important to have your own original thoughts instead of being a megaphone for others

To find out more about Beth, visit http://theintrovertentrepreneur.com/.

For more information about Beth's Virtual Book Groups, check out http://theintrovertentrepreneur.com/bookgroup/.