Did you know they could be used to help with corporate team building and leadership development?

Most people don't.

Enter our guest, Tracey Evans.

She made the unconventional move of leaving her senior marketing role at American Express, so she could run the Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre which delivers programs that inspire others to be better leaders, better partners and better people.

Yes, it was a risky decision to say the least. 

When she worked in the corporate world, she noticed how a lack of communication and leadership ripped teams apart, so she found a way to leverage her passion for horses to help companies strengthen from within.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why problems at your past jobs could be profitable opportunities for your company today
  • How to overcome fear when making potentially life-changing decisions
  • Why having passion for your business is an absolute must

To learn about Tracey, visit here.

To check out Dreamwinds and its various programs, click this link.