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What motivates you to wake up?

Is there a big goal that excites you?

It's important to have purpose in life.

Our guest, the President & CEO of Prostate Cancer Canada, Rocco Rossi understands this.

It hit him like a bolt of lightning when on a business trip with his boss years ago, Rocco found out he died in his sleep in his hotel room.

At the time, his friend was 44 years old with a wife and kids.

It opened Rocco's eyes. 

He began to realize he must live a life of purpose because of how unpredictably it can be taken away.

Today, with those he leads, he lives with meaning and does his best to guide them towards a common goal.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How storytelling can communicate your purpose and endear your followers
  • Why it's important to eliminate obstacles for your people so they can get work done
  • Why you should find time to reflect and recharge yourself

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