TBOTL - EP 71 - Dr. Jason Selk.png

What's your ONE THING?

That quality which separates you from your competiton.

The superpower you're WORLD CLASS at.

For our guest, Dr. Jason Selk, he wanted to be the BEST sports psychologist consultant in the world.

Well, it became reality.

It happened because he created a groundbreaking Mental Training Program for athletes, coaches and eventually business people.

At one point, the word spread so wide that the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team hired him as their Director of Sports Psychology. Under his watch, the club would win two World Series titles.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The importance of finding your unique competitive edge so you can become a profitable go-to expert
  • Why it's crucial to use your expertise to create products that people actually want
  • Why you must be open to leveraging your knowledge to different audiences to increase your revenue streams and grow your platform

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