TBOTL - EP 74 - Andrew Warner.png

Your inner critic.

If you let it, it can run the show.

Once that happens, its sheer power can leave nothing but destruction in its path.

Your hopes, your dreams and your business success can all disappear if the critic persuades you to play it safe and small.

However, according to our guest, Andrew Warner of the highly successful entrepreneur interview-based podcast, Mixergy, you do have a choice.

During a fascinating live interview with Nicky Billou from the Fireside Conference in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada, Andrew shares the following...

  • How asking questions can neutralize your inner critic or as Warner puts it, your “countermind”
  • How the use of “guru beads” can keep you focused and tame your negative thoughts
  • The importance of being aware of the ONE thing you want to do

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