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Our guest, Colton Lindsay, who is a real estate agent, entrepreneur and coach, was an LDS missionary when he was younger. 

After 2 years, he realized that he needed to shift his life patterns and begin to understand his true mission.

He started gaining control of everything and begun to open up opportunities.

Colton had a breakthrough when he used accelerated learning technologies that gave him success and now he uses them to help agents learn faster, remember more, and accomplish extraordinary results.

Using the principles he teaches, Colton became ranked in the Top 1% of the sales agents in his real estate market by the age of 28.

Over the last two years, he has closed 120 transactions and generated over $20 Million in volume sales.

During this interview, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of embracing your challenges and fears
  • Why focusing on increasing positive energy will create different results
  • How to be intelligent in creating your reality

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