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In this premiere episode, co-hosts, Michael Palmer and Nicky Billou begin their run with a bang!

Their first guest is Raymond Aaron. He is a world-renowned success coach and New York Times best-selling author who has helped thousands overcome their wealth, branding and goal-setting challenges.

The core message of his thought leadership is “You Can Double Your Income Doing What You Love.”

As a result of his branding, he’s become a trusted and profitable expert.

During his interview, you’ll learn…

-The power of creating and “obeying” your brand
-The 3 most effective ways to brand yourself
-How to leverage “hope for reward” & “fear of loss” to attract clients
-And, why you should “sell them what they want, deliver what they need”

As a special gift to listeners, Raymond is offering a free digital copy of his book, “Double Your Income Doing What You Love.” 

Visit http://aaron.com/ for more information.