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In this episode, co-hosts, Michael Palmer and Nicky Billou welcome a personal consultant to billionaires, Alex Charfen.

Alex is an internationally recognized speaker and business consultant who has shared the stage with heavyweights such as Tony Robbins and Robin Sharma and has rubbed elbows with celebrities like Sylvester Stallone.

The Mexico City native is also the author of the innovative book, Entrepreneurial Personality Type (ETP) and has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs grow and scale their business.

He truly emphasizes with entrepreneurs which is why he provides systems of support and protection for them or as he describes, “the most important club in history.”

He makes sure they never feel alone.

During this powerful conversation, you’ll learn…

-Why being the black sheep is a great thing for your business and the world
-How capital flows to contribution using The Contribution Equation
-And why being authentically vulnerable will open the doors to terrific opportunities

If you’d like a free download of Alex’s EPT e-book, visit for more information.