What were you doing at 28 years old?

Well, our guest today, real estate investor and owner of 1plus12, Glenn Estrabillo was retired.

It was an incredible feat, but, as he describes, he “messed it up” with frivolous spending and poor character, so he returned to the real estate investing game when he was 32.

After doing some maturing, he retired again half a year later, so he could focus on helping the public achieve wealth through real estate investing.

Throughout his up and down experiences, Glenn’s biggest key to success has been the power of developing trust in yourself and relationships.

It’s a skill, if you can master it, will be a financial game-changer for you.

During this interview, Glenn will teach you...

  • How you can strengthen trust in yourself even during times when doubt is ruling your mind
  • The trust blueprint to increasing your network and customer base
  • Why the Hegellian Dialectic (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialectic) is something you should read up on

To find out more about Glenn’s company, visit here - http://www.1plus12.com.