Do you need to associate with more A-list people?

If your answer is “yes” and you’re a thought leader, it’s definitely possible.

But, according to New York Times Best-Selling author and speaker, Chris Widener, your “Me First” attitude must disappear before anything positive can materialize.

It’s that mindset shift that helped Chris secure connections and bountiful income opportunities with personal development powerhouses such as Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar.

Chris’ career has changed ever since.

In this episode, you’ll learn proven tips that could make an incredible difference with your business including.

The most powerful question you can ask highly influential people to convince them to collaborate with you
How to leverage brand equity from your high profile friends while helping them succeed and boosting your brand at the same time
Why having an abundance mindset, especially when creating programs or other products with others, can prove to be wildly profitable

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