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Have you ever thought twice about putting your thought leadership out there to the world?

You're not alone.

The reason?

For some, it’s the fear they’ll be exposed for not knowing what the heck they’re doing.

It’s called the Imposter Syndrome.

Longtime Toronto-area relationship coach, Owen Williams, who has counselled men and couples for over two decades, lived through it when he had a great career, wife, money and prestige, but he felt hollow.

According to Williams, the way to overcome the fear is to dig deep.

He believes, “if you don’t go within, you will go without.”

So, Williams feels entrepreneurs need to take the time to reflect and decide how to authentically live their lives and be the best version of themselves.

During this conversation, you’ll learn…

  • Why it’s vital to slow down to start your road of self discovery even though you’re incredibly busy
  • How to not let your inner critic control your life
  • Why it’s important to grasp and execute this idea, “when you change your mind, you change your life”
  • And finally, why you must surround yourself with 5 good friends who are not afraid to give you honest feedback about who you are

To find out more about Owen’s coaching services, visit http://www.RelationshipExcellence.com.