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Marni Wasserman has always loved food and maintaining great health.

The Toronto nutritionist and culinary strategist would soon discover a passion for plant-based cooking which ultimately led her to teaching others online and in-person through her Food Studio & Lifestyle Shop.

The narrowing of her niche didn’t happen overnight and it involved a lot of bumps along the way.

However, today, she’s the author of two Dummies books, her cooking classes are taking off, her speaking engagements are increasing and her passion has touched the lives of many who are seeking a healthier way of eating.

During this episode, you’ll learn... 

  • The importance of being your authentic self in the content you share with the world which can ultimately lead to great income opportunities
  • Why you should focus on building your audience before launching your business
  • And why it’s not necessary to have your niche and plan figured out right away to achieve success

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