It brings families together.

In the case of Angela Lawrence, it does more than that.

For her and her lovable mom, Fay, food has led to a thriving online business.

Not just any food, but Jamaican food.

Enter Cook Like A

It’s a website that feature’s Fay’s Jamaican recipes and cooking videos for the world to enjoy.

Originally, this site was actually Angela’s test site for another website she was working on.

But, soon after Cook Like A launched, its success was too hard to ignore.

In this episode, you’ll learn...

  • How following your passion can help you spot opportunities that you didn’t expect
  • Why it’s important to listen to your fans to create products and experiences they will pay for over and over again
  • Why being authentically you and supplying content people enjoy will inevitably attract money your way
  • How vital it is to not wait to launch your thought leadership but to go out and just do it then evolve, learn from your mistakes and improve

As a special gift to our listeners, Angela has kindly offered to give a 30% discount off a Gold Membership when you visit which gives you access to secret recipes and videos. Just use the coupon code “Podcast.”

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