How badly do you want success?

For some entrepreneurs, their desire isn't as powerful because when things get hard, excuses and other distractions get in their way and before they know it, their businesses are no more.

Our guest today, Kevin Mako, who is the founder of Mako Design + Invent which is a successful service consumer product development firm that has offices in Toronto and Austin, Texas, has seen the cost of not being motivated to achieve.

But, through his experiences, he's also witnessed a commonality among the winners - their willingness to hustle.

Without it, you don't create opportunities. You're hoping for them.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why taking action, instead of letting fear paralyze you, will get you farther in business
  • Why procrastination is the ultimate killer of an enterprise
  • The importance of being an expert at what you do and not letting distractions block you

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