Your brand.

What is it?

If you don't know, you have a problem.

Companies like Nike, Apple and other business heavyweights understand what their brand message is, who their ideal customers are and the problems they solve for them.

As a result, they attract many loyal fans which becomes very profitable.

If you're not clear on your brand just yet, our guest today, Rob Jacobs has some ideas on how you can change that.

He's a leader in the walk for health movement and co-founder of UnSit, a company that sells treadmill desks which help office workers get off their seats and get active.

During this engaging interview, you'll learn...

  • Why it's important to create powerful brand stories that resonate with your audience and are supported with research and evidence
  • Why having a light and fun aspirational message could be attractive to your ideal clients
  • Why hiring a quality branding expert and copywriter are good investments

To find out more about Rob and his company, UnSit, visit

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To read more about treadmill desks and their benefits, visit UnSit’s newsroom

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