It can either knock you out for good or it can serve you for greater success.

Dan Nisker chose the latter route.

He's a fitness expert whose focus is helping those with missing limbs to become more fit and empowered about the impact they can have on this world.

It has proved to be quite a profitable niche.

Dan's client list has soared from 18 at one point to over 260.

It didn't come easy though.

Dan experimented with different niches, such as cardiologists and brides-to-be, but when they fell flat, he learned from those experiences and kept going.

Today, he is a great success story.

During this inspiring interview, you'll learn...

  • Why you need to research your niche before diving in
  • Why it's a must for you to go out and actually test that niche market to see if it's truly commercial
  • The importance of making calls to find your ideal clients

To find out more about Dan and his book, Para-Tough, visit here.

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