Hal Johnson has it.

Back in 1988, when he and Joanne McLeod, teamed up to create a series of 90-second televised public service announcements called Body Break to inspire Canadian audiences to “keep fit and have fun,” it wasn't embraced right away.

In fact, Hal shopped the idea to various places but was turned down repeatedly including by one television network representative who told Hal he didn't feel Canada was ready to see a biracial couple on screen (Hal is half-black while Joanne is white).

Others would have been angry, but Hal just used this challenge as motivation.

Let's just say, due to his focus and sheer determination, he'd help Body Break become an iconic fixture on TV sets across the country.

During this inspiring interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of taking the positives from rejection to find creative solutions
  • Why you should do investigative work to uncover potential opportunities no one else sees
  • Why it's an absolute must to look for ways to fill a need for people

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