Be yourself.

You've heard that cliche a million times.

But, in the case of fitness entrepreneur, Chad Howse, it's proved to be very profitable.

When he first started out in the online business world, he went years without making money.

He went to mastermind groups and received advice from successful peers, but ultimately their ways didn't work out for him.

It wasn't until Chad realized his ideal customer was himself that everything changed.

He began writing sales copy and other useful content in his unique voice that answered his own problems.

Before he knew it, people resonated with his journey and began buying from him including his popular product, The Man Diet.

For Chad, being authentic was an incredible strategy.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of figuring out who your ideal clients are and how to use your authentic self to connect with them
  • Why it's vital to “write to yourself” when creating emails, sales copy and information products
  • How you can boost your email list and attract more business by having calls to action and opt-in forms tied in with your content

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