What are you great at?

What superpower do you possess that can help others immensely while also putting money in your own pocket?

For most people, finding their profitable niche is a long process, but once it's discovered it can lead to terrific opportunities.

Just ask Corry McClure.

Today, she helps trainers design programs that leverage their expertise to attract government funding for initiatives such as the Canada Job Grant.

It took Corry years to arrive at her niche, but now it's growing bigger and better.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why you need to be clear about your purpose
  • The importance of knowing your niche audience and how to provide it with simple business solutions
  • The power of being a part of a like-minded community to help boost your success

To find out more about Corry, visit here.

To see if you qualify to work with her, email corry@couris.ca.

For information on the Canada Job Grant, click here.

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