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The George Foreman Grill.



Do they sound familiar?

Well, chances are they do.

These are infomercial products that have been consistently branded on our minds, either late at night or during weekday afternoons, for years.

Well, the continuous promotion worked because they all make hundreds of millions of dollars annually and in the case of Proactive, it generated a reported $1 billion in 2015.

But how?

Aren't most infomericals typically over-the-top, poorly produced TV programs that lack any sort of value?

According to our guest, David Priemer, who is the founder of Cerebral Selling, they actually have a clever structure that transforms viewers to buyers.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Step-by-step what the Secret Infomercial Formula is and how it can help you
  • The importance of clarity in how you present your brand to the world
  • Why you should use the exclusionary principle in regards to clients

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