EP148: Dr. Filippo Ongaro - How To Be Unique In Your Niche

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How do you react to change?

From being a physician to astronauts, an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and certified coach, Dr. Filippo Ongaro was not afraid of it which has led to some great opportunities.

He improvised and created something unique and different from the knowledge and skills he gained through every stage of his career and life.

Today, he's positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people through his online course, live events focusing on lifestyle improvements, performance enhancements and how to improve your mental capacity.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • How to build a level of uniqueness

  • The importance of having a strategy

  • Why taking care of yourself is important

To learn more about Filippo's website, visit here.

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EP147: Georgia & Susanne - The Power of Being An Innovator

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When an opportunity presents itself, grab it and make the most of it.

The Wine Ladies, led by Georgia and Susanne, encountered some resistance and challenges while starting out their business, but they persevered and won the 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

As innovators, they set themselves apart from others and found a way to stand out by being engaging, having great educational content while still having fun.

Today, the Wine Ladies have 160 sponsors and clients from all over the world that have booked campaigns with them including major wineries, wine agencies, spirits and beer brands, food products, retailers, restaurants, charities and more.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of being an innovator

  • Why failure is the next road to success

  • Why you should differentiate yourself from others

To learn more about The Wine Ladies, visit here.

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EP146: Ryan Michler - Be The Man You're Meant To Be

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Husband. Brother. Dad.

What is the meaning of manhood?

According to our guest, Ryan Michler, the founder of the movement known as the Order Of Man, an overwhelming majority of men are lost today.

A lot of young men don't have a father figure to show them the right path which can lead to negative outcomes down the road.

That's why Ryan is committed to helping and empowering men to come up with their own solutions and become the best they can be.

Today, his movement has more than 35,000 members and counting.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of having a mentor

  • The 8 key areas to improve in your life

  • How to become a real man

To learn more about Order of Man, visit here.

For more details about Ryan's upcoming event, click here.

For his Facebook page, discover here.

To listen to his podcast, Order Of Man, go here.

EP145: Jim Canfield - Why You Should Learn From Your Community

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Don't do it alone.

If you can have successful peers you can learn from, you can short cut your road to success.

Our guest, Jim Canfield, who is the president of CEO tools, knows this.

He's been a part of many peer groups.

He provides mentorship and tools that help business owners and thought leaders build the growth of their company and enhance their overall quality of life.

Given the overwhelming responsibility to deliver results and despite the trappings of success, CEO's and thought leaders have the tendency of isolating themselves in a solitary environment.

It's important to take the time to connect with others, seek guidance, and surround yourself with a healthy growing learning community.

One learning experience or advice can lead to a meaningful difference when making hard decisions about your business and life.

Today, Jim has dedicated over 10,000 hours of coaching and working with more than 300 CEOs.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of learning from others

  • What is the best way to sell

  • How to lead, run and manage your company

To learn more about his website, visit here.

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EP144: Chris Widener - The Power of Personal Development

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What role does a real man play in our society?

Our returning guest, Chris Widener, who is a best-selling author, coach and dynamic speaker, helps men lead successful lives.

He believes that men should have a deeper relationship with family, friends, work, and become the kind of man the world needs.

He feels if you make that commitment then you can create a better version of yourself.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of setting up a goal

  • The benefits of personal development

  • What are your core values and beliefs

To learn more about Chris, visit here.

For his LinkedIn page, check this out.

For his podcast, The Real Man Podcast with Larry Winget, go here.

To buy his book, The Real Man's Handbook: 12 Commitments of a Real Man, click this link.

EP143: Ilan Srulovicz - How To Be A Smart Risk Taker

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“Each NO is like a brick that you can use to build the house of your success.”

Our guest, Ilan Srulovicz, who is the CEO and founder of Egard Watches, is a big risk taker.

He tried every way possible to make his product work and it didn't happen overnight.

He accepted whatever result that arrived, avoided negativity, embraced who he is and with those elements, he was able to succeed.

Today, he's had the opportunity to work with incredible actors, artists and athletes throughout the world.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of separating success and happiness

  • How to be a smart risk taker

  • The benefits of having a foundation

To learn more about Egard Watches, click here.

For Ilan's LinkedIn page, visit here.

EP142: David Priemer – How To Use Science & Empathy To Secure Sales

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Not helpful and didn't add value.

These are the common perceptions about sales people out there and this is why we don’t like talking to them.

Our returning guest has successfully overcome those judgements by using his simple formula: Science. Empathy. Execution.

David Priemer is the founder of Cerebral Selling which is a modern sales training program built on Science & Empathy to help you become the top performer your customers will love.

He is a scientist turned 4-time tech entrepreneur. He holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Atmospheric Science from York University and a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto.

His passion is teaching the art and science of modern selling. The type of selling that not only gets you to the top of the leaderboard but does it in a way that will make your customers adore you.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of believe, polarizing and contrasting statements

  • What Information Asymmetry and Information Parity mean

  • The broadcaster versus meteorologist

To learn more about Cerebral Selling, click here.

For David's LinkedIn page, visit here.

EP141: Gair Maxwell - How To Brand Yourself Effectively

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It is both a journey and a destination.

Differentiating yourself and telling a unique story is the best way of branding your business.

Gair Maxwell is an expert brand strategist. He can help your brand spend less time convincing and more time connecting in a way that inspires meaningful relationships and customers for life.

He is also an international best-selling author and incredible speaker.

With his interactive keynotes and workshops, he inspires everyday people to punch above their weight class and build the kind of brand that has top talent and customers seeking them out.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • How to create an irresistible brand

  • The importance of video based communications

  • The significance of the Pull Strategy

To learn more about Gair, click here.

For his LinkedIn page, visit this link.

EP140: John Reiser - How To Deliver Value To Your Clients

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Figure out a way.

Our guest, John Reiser, who is the President of Better Events Management Group, did.

He leveraged his existing knowledge and delivered it in a new way which filled a gap and provided value.

John founded the event, Better Business Expo, which helps business owners and entrepreneurs to essentially find all the products and services they need and maintain its dedication to helping support the growth of local businesses.

Today, the Better Business Expo features over 500 exhibitors offering the latest and most innovative business development products and services and works with over 15 major government offices.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of taking care of yourself

  • Why it is important to work smarter

  • How to market yourself

To learn more about John, here's his LinkedIn page.

For information about the Better Business Expo, visit here.

EP139: Patricia Dube - Transforming Negative Thoughts Into Positive Beliefs

TTLR - EP 139 - Patricia Dube.png

Being a successful entrepreneur is not easy.

Our guest, Patricia Dube, who is a pharmacist and entrepreneur, faced a lot of challenges while starting her business.

But with her positive mindset, she turned challenges into possibilities.

She started learning everything around leadership, personal growth and went around the world to follow the best teachers.

Today, she helps thousands of entrepreneurs on how to be positive leaders in their communities and the world.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of having a methodology and plan

  • Why it is important to narrow down your niche

  • The power of small steps

To visit Patricia's website, click here.

For her LinkedIn page, visit here.

To contact Patricia, you can email her at patriciadube@leadershipsante.com.

EP138: Steve Richmond - Why Men Should Explore Self Improvement

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When they aren’t thrusted to improve themselves, they will likely be ruled by emotions and develop undesirable traits that weaken their purpose in the world.

Today's guest believes that identifying the reasons why this happens can help prevent future issues and manage current ones.

Steve Richmond is an expert in men, masculinity and how to tap into their masculinity.

At 62, he found his purpose in coaching men and women to better their lives, relationships and experience greater business success and freedom.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of balancing your ego

  • Serve versus Soothe

  • The significance of self-love

For his website, click here.

To contact Steve, you call him at 416-206-6568 or email him at steve@steverichmond.ca.

EP137: John Murphy - The Benefits Of Corporate Team Building

TTLR - EP 137 - John Murphy.png

The corporate world isn't for everyone.

In fact, our guest, John Murphy left it for something better — to serve his fellow human beings through his gifts as a leadership and business coach.

His company, John Murphy International (JMI), optimizes the potential of CEO's, senior executives and business owners.

He helps them understand how they need to manage themselves and how they need to impact the rest of their organizations.

Today, he has helped companies like Pfizer, BT, Airbus, Great West Life Co, J&J, Vodafone and others to achieve performance gains of 25% in 180 days.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of corporate team building

  • Why change is an ongoing process

  • How to market yourself and find your ideal clients

For John's LinkedIn page, click here.

To learn more about JMI, visit this link.

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For JMI's LinkedIn page, check this out.

You can reach John at john@johnmurphyinternational.com.

EP136: Jennifer Blake – The Power of Helping Others

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How can you best help the world?

Today's guest has answered that question with truth, passion and absolute authenticity.

At 13 years old, Jennifer Blake began offering help in any way she could. It was always her passion to assist other people.

That's why it's fitting she later became the Director and Co-Owner of the Hoffman Institute of Canada.

It's the home of The Hoffman Process, a life-changing 7-day residential self-development program that helps people release the limiting patterns they learned in their childhood and lead their lives with choice, empowerment and passion.

In addition, Blake is the founder and owner of Blake Consulting where she assists those who are going through a personal and professional transition.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • How to develop your own Intellectual Property (IP)

  • How to gain expertise that can help solve the problems of others

  • How to balance assisting other people and your own family

To learn more about Jennifer, visit this link.

To get in touch with her, you can email jennifer@blakeconsulting.ca.

EP135: Dr. Warren Farrell – How The Boy Crisis Is Affecting You

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U.S. mass shootings.

According to today's guest, Dr. Warren Farrell, who is the author of The Boy Crisis and other books published in over 50 countries, many of the masterminds of those terrible acts didn't have a father in their lives.

It's a serious problem that affects us all.

But, there are ways to make this situation better.

Dr. Farrell will share his thoughts.

During this interview, you’ll also discover…

  • How to get fathers more involved with their sons

  • The effects of badmouthing

  • The difference between Purpose void versus Dad void

To learn more about Dr. Farrell, visit here.

To get his book The Boy Crisis, click here.

To learn more about Couple’s Communication, go here.

EP134: Brian Scudamore - How To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

TTLR - EP 134 - Brian Scudamore.png

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride.

Despite all of the trial and error, laughter and tears, confusion and triumph that being an entrepreneur brings, Brian Scudamore will convince you that you have exactly what it takes to succeed.

He is an American born, Canadian entrepreneur and most notably, the founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

He's also the author of WTF?! (Willing to Fail): How Failure Can Be Your Key to Success.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The concept of the 4 Hs in building a great team

  • Why face-to-face dealings are the way to a successful deal

  • Why the Gorilla marketing strategy is the way to go

To find out more about Brian & 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, visit here.

To connect with him on LinkedIn, click here.

To buy his book, check out this link.

EP133: Scott Bintz - Creating A Great Culture To Grow Your Business

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Anything is possible.

Scott Bintz, who is an entrepreneur and author of Principles to Fortune, is no Ivy league graduate.

He created 6 guiding principles that helped him change his workplace culture which made his employees and customers happier.

As a result, his company, RealTruck.com became the #1 source for pickup accessories online with sales over $100+ million.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of principles at work

  • Why it's vital to find something that will inspire you through life

  • Why nourishing your soul and ignoring negativity are essential

To learn more about Scott, visit his website.

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To buy his book, Principles to Fortune, click here.

EP132: Neil Pasricha - Why Reading Books Are Essential For Your Success

TTLR - EP 132 - Neil Pasricha.png

Life can be a roller coaster ride.

Just ask today's guest, Neil Pasricha.

Before he became the author of the international hit, The Book of Awesome, his life was at its lowest point.

His marriage fell apart and his best friend took his own life.

For many people, that could have destroyed them.

But not Neil.

His experiences helped him to be who he is today — a New York Times best-selling author, positive psychology researcher, and top-ranked leadership keynote speaker.

Nowadays, he assists people in living their happiest and most successful lives.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The three most formative books of an inspiring individual

  • What motivates you to keep going in life

  • A system in getting more books into your life

For Neil’s LinkedIn, click here.

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EP131: Peter Cook - Execution Is The Key To Business Strategy

TTLR - EP 131 - Peter Cook.png

Implementation and progress goes hand in hand.

Peter Cook, who is a best-selling author and CEO of Thought Leaders Business School, made sacrifices to overcome all of his challenges on the way to his success.

He was able to learn from his failures and would blog about his progress.

Today, he has helped thousands of thought leaders achieve business and financial mastery.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of being competitive and focused

  • Why reputation is everything

  • Why you have to aim to fail 50% of your offers

To check out his website, visit here.

To learn more about Thought Leaders Business school, explore this link.

For his LinkedIn, click here.

For his Facebook page, go here.

For his Twitter, discover here.

To contact Peter, you can reach him at info@petercook.com.

EP130: Micah Munro – How To Condition Yourself To Win

TTLR - EP 130 - Micah Munro.png

“Get out of your own head and help someone else.”

Our guest, Micah Munro, who is one of Canada's top realtors and a realtor coach, feels when you're assisting somebody else, you can't be in your head.

That is Micah's philosophy which has helped him become successful.

He now owns an investment company that invests in properties across North America and he’s an investor with a new company called Top-Tier Leads for realtors.

During this interview, you’ll discover…

  • How preparation is the key to success

  • Having a morning routine to condition you to win will help you become successful

  • How having a gratitude list is beneficial

For Micah’s Facebook page, visit here.

For his team Facebook page, click here.

For his LinkedIn page, go here.

To learn more about Top-Tier Leads, discover here.

To contact Micah: Email: micahmunro@gmail.com
Phone number: 416-654-5592

EP129: Daniel Nisker - How To Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

TTLR - EP 129 - Dan Nisker.png

Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do.

Our returning guest, Daniel Nisker, who is a certified trainer and fitness expert, isn't one of them anymore.

He believes in himself and overcame the barrier that kept him from gaining the confidence he needed to skyrocket to the next level.

That breakthrough has allowed him to charge high while still delivering value to his clients.

Today, he's helped over 50 trainers to get past their limiting beliefs and have the business of their dreams.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • The importance of delivering value to your clients

  • Why you should raise your rates and not sell yourself short

  • How to maximize your time

To learn more about his website, visit here.

For his LinkedIn page, click here.

For his Twitter, go here.