In this episode, co-hosts, Michael Palmer and Nicky Billou speak with a man who elevated the largest personal development company in the world's coaching and product sales dramatically thanks to his commitment to excellence.

Marc Von Musser is a fighter. He’s a Cancer survivor who overcame many hurdles in his life to achieve success.

Over a 20-30 year span, he made over 500,000 sales calls, knocked on 10,000 doors and delivered over 10,000 presentations.

He’s committed and that’s why the world’s number 1 transformational leader recruited him to take his company’s sales to another level.

Marc’s purpose in life is to identify, inspire and help awaken the greatest of human spirit in others.

During this motivational interview, you’ll learn…

-The 3 proven steps to hack your way to 10x success results
-The 2 dominant beliefs that are holding you back from true greatness
-And why you have to decide if you’re more committed to your excuses or dreams.

After listening to Marc, you’ll be well on your way to taking your thought leadership from ordinary to extraordinary.