Elite athletes can be great teachers.

By observing how they train and the strategies they use to not only perform at a high level, but how they handle stressful situations can be extremely useful to us especially in today’s chaotic world.

This episode’s featured guest, Dr. Greg Wells understands this.

The best-selling author of Superbodies: Peak Performance Secrets From The World's Best Athletes has a mission to effectively communicate the key takeaways of the science of high performance so it can relate and benefit the lives of 1 billion people.

During this conversation, you’ll learn..

Greg’s 4 principles to help you achieve peak performance
The power of self analysis and always pushing for greater heights
How building up others will raise you as well

It’s an inspiring and informative interview you do not want to miss!

To find out more about Greg, visit http://drgregwells.com/.

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