In 2010, Nicole Keating’s life was given an expected curveball.

Her boyfriend of 4 years suddenly passed away.

For many, that would have a traumatic hit they could have never recovered from, but for Nicole, it shifted her life into an entirely different positive direction.

Over the years, she’d discover meaning by focusing on helping others through her The Art of Epic Wellness podcast.

Today, her podcast is positively impacting her audience along with her Epic Wellness Academy.

In this inspiring interview, you’ll learn…

  • Why it’s important to find the meaning in what you do so it aligns with your passion and it resonates with your audience
  • The importance of developing habits and rituals especially when it comes to your health and entrepreneurial sustainability
  • And, the power of being a just-in-time learner

To find out more about Nicole, you can visit the below website.