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Jeremy Miller is a marketing expert and author of the best-selling book, Sticky Branding who has a social media following that reaches 100,000 people every week.

He’s leveraged his content, mainly his book, to make 50% of his revenue from speaking engagements (including clients such as and 50% from consulting opportunities.

It didn’t happen overnight though.

Jeremy has been putting his brand out there for quite some time.

In this fascinating interview, you’ll learn...

  • Why it’s important to truly listen to your audience, so you can create consistently valuable content
  • The power of starting your content journey no matter how ugly it is at the beginning
  • How a Seth Godin quote changed Jeremy’s business forever & why it can positively alter yours as well 
  • Why having your own traditionally published book is your ticket to more money through speaking and consulting opportunities
  • And, why not being afraid to promote yourself with passion, despite what haters have to say, can lead to more revenue

To find out more about Jeremy, you can visit any of the below:
Sticky Branding