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Do you have a podcast?

If you’re a thought leader, you should seriously consider it.

According to Nicole Keating, the host of the wildly popular, The Art of Epic Wellness podcast, it’s a great way to market your message, create & positively impact large communities and connect with influencers you admire.

Nicole has had some big guests on her show including the author of The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod and podcasting superstar, John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast.

Her podcast launch journey produced many learnings and in this episode, you’ll discover a few such as…

  • Why it’s important to find a podcasting mentor
  • The importance of stockpiling episodes before your launch
  • Why you need to secure EPIC guests right away 
  • And, why having a “How Can I Serve You” attitude will fast-track your success

To find out more about Nicole, you can visit any of the below websites.

The Art Of Epic Wellness Podcast