Seth Godin requires no introduction.

The multiple New York Times Best-Selling author is an iconic thought leader in the areas of business, marketing and standing out in the marketplace.

We live in an age where it is assumed when powerhouse influencers (like Oprah) recommend certain thought leaders, it can provide them shortcuts to success.

According to Seth, sometimes it can, but there’s not enough staying power. 

He mentions how companies like Airbnb became widely successful without the stamp of approval from a high profile guru to make the journey easier and rewards last longer.

So, if you’re waiting for that free ride, you could be doing so for awhile.

During this fascinating interview rich with great ideas and tips, you’ll learn...

  • Seth’s two proven tactics to get your message out while solidifying your thought leadership and convert prospect interactions into sales
  • The importance of paying attention to your prospect’s narrative to find out how you can truly serve her
  • And how more bad ideas lead to good ideas and why that’s crucial for your business success

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